Pyroteknik för scen & arena

Pyrotechnics for stage & arenas

Unique Pyrotechnic is Scandinavia's largest supplier of pyrotechnics for stage and arena.
When you want to raise your scene or your events with proximity effects, we can create an unforgettable experience.

Over the years, we have been had the pleasure of designing and supplying pyrotechnic shows for Swedish House Mafia, Twisted Sister, Europe, Otto Knows, InFlames, DJ Snake, Håkan Hellström, Hammerfall, Takida, John Lindberg Trio and Sabaton to name a few.

Stage Pyrotechnics

For stage performances, we design a shower with pyrotechnic effects from world-leading manufactures of Mines, Comets, Flash Reports, Silver Jets, pyrotechnic waterfalls combined with our own range of stage pyrotechnics. The range of effects is wide and we attach great importance to finding the right effects to exceed the customer's wishes and to match the behavior to the best possible extent. We also offer different types of torches and handheld products that allow artists to interact with special effects on stage, providing additional level of entertainment.

Arena Pyrotechnics

For outdoor shows or events in large arenas Close Close Proximity Pyrotechnics raise the bar further on these appearances.
We work with world-leading suppliers of effects to ensure that the end result is delivered with the highest level of security and mind blowing visual experiences.

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